Key Information

Key Information: LWC Registration

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General Registration Information

For the first time at the ILS Lifesaving World Championships, the OrgaNet registration system will be used for participants to register their entry details.

There are 8 separate Lifesaving World Championships, each one is regarded as a separate “event” in the OrgaNet System for registration purposes:

  • National Teams Open
  • National Teams Youth
  • Interclub Teams Open
  • Interclub Teams Youth
  • Masters
  • National Teams IRB
  • Interclub Teams IRB
  • Surfboat


Additionally there are four extra events being organised:

  • Interclub Teams 2km Beach Run Open (including a 2x1km Beach Run Relay)
  • Interclub Teams 2km Beach Run Youth (including a 2x1km Beach Run Relay)
  • March Past Open
  • March Past Youth


Q: When will registrations open?

A:  Registrations opened on 16 November 2017 – 365 days away from the first events.


Q: When will registrations close?

A: There will be three registration periods, early, normal and late – calculated from the date of the first event of the LWC – 16 November 2018.

  • Early: from registration open date to 270 days before the first event (early registrations closed 19/02/2018)
  • Normal: from 269 to 45 days before the first event (20/02/2018 – 02/10/2018)
  • Late: from 44 days to 1 month before the first event (03/10/2018 – 16/10/2018)
  • Early/normal entry fees, and final close of entries, cut off at 23:00 GMT.


Q: How much will it cost to register?

A: Registration fees will vary between championships, click here for a summary of the fees.


Q: Who can register a team?

A: Registrations can only be made by team managers whether they are managers of a national or club team. They will be able to add individual team members to the various events within championships. The OrgaNet User Guide explains how to take the correct action to successfully register your team, click here to download.


Q: I am responsible for both the Open and Youth Teams registration for my club – can I just make one registration to cover both teams?

A: No, each Lifesaving World Championships is a separate event, so you must submit separate registrations for each event.  Click on the Registration icon alongside the event for which you wish to register your team.  You can only register one club team in each event, except where additional teams are permitted (as in the IRB Interclub event).


Q: Who can compete?

A: Check the Competition Handbook for full eligibility criteria.
Specific information for Australian competitors: for an individual who is a member of SLSA in 2017 to receive endorsement to compete in the ILS LWC 2018 they must meet their patrol, proficiency and other membership requirements detailed in SLSA Policy 5.4 and accompanying guidelines.  They must also become proficient for 2018 and satisfy their club requirements.


Q: I am an individual competitor.  Do I need to register myself?

A: This system is designed for team managers to register their teams.  An individual competitor must not register using this system, unless they are the only member of their club competing at LWC 2018 (see below).


Q: I am the only competitor representing my club at LWC 2018.  How do I register?

If you are the only competitor who will be representing your club team, you should register using this system.  Complete your registration and once approved, create yourself as a participant and enter yourself into the relevant events. You must enter yourself as a competitor because you can only register for an event in one capacity.  Do not register yourself as a Team Manager in the Attendant functions.


Q: Who can I contact for more information?

A: Please send your email to both of the following, to ensure a prompt reply: