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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having registration issues, please check with browser you are using – some people have reported issues with Internet Explorer, or registering on a phone or tablet. We recommend using a desktop/laptop computer and having the User Guide open in a different tab/window so you can refer along to it as you register.


Q: When were registrations open?
Registrations opened on 16 November 2017 (365 days before the event)
Early registrations closed 19 February 2018 (270 days before the event), 23:00 GMT
Normal registrations closed 2 October 2018 (45 days before the event), 23:00 GMT
Late registrations closed 16 October 2018 (one month prior to event), 23:00 GMT



Q: How much does it cost to register?
Registration fees will vary between championships, click here for a summary of the fees, INCLUDING small team discounts.
Information for Masters Teams re small team discount: click here
Information for National / Interclub Teams re small team discount: click here


Q: Does the individual competitor fee cover ocean/beach and pool events?
Yes – once an individual has been registered by the team manager and the 65EUR has been paid, they can be entered into as many relevant events in that Championship as they want to participate in (i.e., they can do the beach, ocean and pool events).


Q: Who can register a team?
Registrations can only be made by team managers whether they are managers of a national or club team. They will be able to add individual team members to the various events within championships.


Q: I am responsible for both the Open and Youth Teams registration for my club – can I just make one registration to cover both teams?
No, each Lifesaving World Championships is a separate event, so you must submit separate registrations for each event.  Click on the Registration icon alongside the event for which you wish to register your team.  You can only register one club team in each event, except where additional teams are permitted (as in the IRB Interclub event).


Q: How many competitors can I register from my club?
Check the Competition Handbook for full details – specifically sections 3 (Interclub teams – section 3.3.f) and 7.1


Q: Who can compete?
Check the Competition Handbook for full eligibility criteria.

You must be a member of your national lifesaving federation. (NB: the ILS is an organisation of Lifesaving Federations. Its members are the federations rather than the individuals within those federations. That is why you do not need to actually be a member of the ILS – if you are a member of an ILS Member Federation i.e. Surf Life Saving or Royal Life Saving Society).

Specific information for Australian competitors: for an individual who is a member of SLSA in 2017 to receive endorsement to compete in the ILS LWC 2018 they must meet their patrol, proficiency and other membership requirements detailed in SLSA Policy 5.4 and accompanying guidelines.  They must also become proficient for 2018 and satisfy their club requirements.


Q: Can I enter a mixed-club team into the Lifesaving World Championships events?
Check the Competition Handbook for full eligibility criteria (section 3 generally for Eligibility and Right to Participate; section 3.3 for Interclub).

It is not allowed to enter a mixed-club team into the Lifesaving World Championships events: all participants must be a member of the same lifesaving club or unit.  It is possible for competitors to transfer to other clubs under whatever arrangements apply within that club’s national federation and then compete as part of that club.  However, it is not possible to make a composite team drawn from different clubs in any Interclub events of the Lifesaving World Championships.


Q: I am an individual competitor.  Do I need to register myself?
This system is designed for team managers to register their teams.  An individual competitor must not register using this system, unless they are the only member of their club competing at LWC 2018 (see below).


Q: I am the only competitor representing my club at LWC 2018.  How do I register?
If you are the only competitor who will be representing your club team, you should register using this system.  Complete your registration and once approved, create yourself as a participant and enter yourself into the relevant events. You must enter yourself as a competitor because you can only register for an event in one capacity.  Do not register yourself as a Team Manager in the Attendant functions.


Q: How do I select my team name?
OrgaNet now has more than 1,300 club names provided by federations programmed into the system, as well as those who have previously participated in the Lifesaving World Championships.  When you select your federation, if there are any clubs listed for this organisation, they will show in a drop-down menu.  Select your club name if it is showing.

If your club name is not showing, then simply click on “New Team” to register your club name with the ILS.  It may take a while to validate your club name with your federation before your registration is approved.  Once this is done a unique 3 letter code will be allocated to identify your club in all results of this and future World Championships.


Q: How do I add competitors to events?
Once you have registered yourself and your team in a Championship, you must also add your participants (requires name, gender, date of birth), and enter them into each event. We have created a downloadable excel spreadsheet template that mimics the back end of OrgaNet, so you can gather the information you need from your participants, then add it into OrgaNet in one go.


Q: What do I do if I receive an Error Message when trying to access my team registration in OrgaNet?
There may be several reasons for this.  As OrgaNet is regularly updated, before contacting the ILS Event Director (contact details below), please go to your web browser and “clear the cache”.  This will remove cached documents that may be on your computer from your previous access of the system prior to any update.


Q: How can I include reserve rowers in my Surfboat registration?
It is now possible to register up to two reserves per crew for the Surfboat events, provided that:
• They satisfy the requirements detailed in the ILS Competition Rulebook for Surf Boat Eligibility
• They are also not entered in another crew in the same division
• They are not permitted to compete in both Open and Reserve categories
• They are of the correct age and gender for the division in which they compete
When entering a “reserve competitor” leave the dropdown box under their name as ‘0’


Q: Can I register the same Surfboat crew in more than one division in the same registration?
A crew can be registered in all divisions for which they are eligible without needing to register again. Provided it is the same crew, it can be entered into additional divisions by entering the start positions for the crew against the relevant line for the event for which they are eligible. i.e. A 23 Years Crew may also enter the Open division, or a Masters crew may also enter the Open division.


Q: How do I register more than one Surfboat crew from the same club?
The Surfboat entries will also use the standard ILS List of Approved Club Names in the registration process whereby each club is allocated a unique 3-letter code for use in the Competition Management and Results process. Register each crew separately using the approved club name from the drop-down list that appears, then advise the LOC separately by e-mail of the crew name. They will ensure that this name is shown in the competition draw sheets and results.


Q: How do I register non-competitor IRB Boat Handlers?
Where non-competitor IRB Boat Handlers are required by a competing team to handle their IRB, they must be registered as a participant and allocated the Attendant Function of “IRB Boat Handler”. Only registered IRB Boat Handlers will be permitted to assist a team and must conform to the requirements of the ILS Competition Rulebook 2015-2019 Revised Edition 2017 Section 7.2.4.d) page 191.


Q: Do IRB patients count towards the final team count (15 men + 15 women)?
Yes, patients are included in the overall team count, even though they are a gender neutral role. Patients will need to be registered as competitors along with the rest of the team.


Q: Can IRB teams bring their own helmets and lifejackets? 
Yes, teams can bring their own helmets and lifejackets.
We will have pooled equipment available for use by teams.
Helmets are Predator UNO brand (one size fits all, lycra cap compatible); lifejackets are Ultra Rescue PFDs and will be available in standard and short lengths in an assortment of sizes.

Life Jacket sizes 85-90cm 90-95cm 95-100cm 100-105cm 105-110cm 110-115cm
Standard length XS S M L XL XL
Short length 10 12 14 16 18 18


Q: Who can I contact for more information?
Please send your email to both of the following, to ensure a prompt reply: