Useful Information

Meal Options

The SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre offer a range of healthy eating options for both spectators and competitors alike. Delicious sandwich, wrap and salad meal deals are available from the kiosk, check out the options below. Please be sure to order by 10 am for next day pick up from the Aquatic Centre kiosk. Send your orders to:



Weather and climate

Adelaide has warm winters, and cool, dry summers. The average high for November is 23 degrees C and average low is 14 degrees. Evenings can be quite chilly, as the temperature tends to drop quickly.


Passport and Visa

All international competitors should ensure they have a valid passport and visa for entry into Australia. For more information, check the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.


Dry Zone

The City of Holdfast Bay has three permanent Dry Zones (regulated by Long-Term Legislation) located at Glenelg, Brighton and Seacliff. These Dry Areas are in effect 24 hours per day all year round.

A ‘Dry Area’ or ‘Dry Zone’ is an area where the consumption of or possession of liquor (in open containers) is prohibited under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997. A person who consumes or has possession of opened liquor in a Dry Area is guilty of an offence, which carries a maximum penalty of $1250.

The purpose of a Dry Area is to minimise any potential risk, or negative impact to the amenity of a public area, caused by anti-social behaviour that’s associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

For more information and Dry Zone maps click here.


Smoking in Public

Community support for smoke-free, safe and healthy environments is very high. As a result, many South Australian public areas have become voluntarily smoke-free over the past decade, including outdoor events. Other areas are smoke-free under legislation, including:

  • outdoor dining areas
  • cars
  • enclosed public areas
  • playgrounds
  • public transport waiting areas

Click here for more information. You must be over 18 to by cigarettes in Australia, and products are not openly displayed for sale (unless in a specialised tobacconist).



Australia uses the Australian dollar ($AUD). When paying cash, totals are rounded up or down to the nearest 5 cents. Credit cards (with paywave/paypass) are accepted at most locations. Most banks are open 9-5 weekdays, but ATMs are commonplace and available 24/7.


Telephone and Internet

Wifi is available in most hotels, and in some cafes, restaurants and public places. Local pre-paid sim cards are available at most petrol stations and supermarkets.

Australia calling code +61



In Australia the socket type is Type I, and electricity is supplied at 230V. Adaptors may be needed for appliances from some countries. Click here for more information.



English is the national language of Australia, and all information and signage (apart from a few exceptions in Mandarin in major tourist locations) is in English. Australians – as a generalisation – do not tend to speak languages other than English, and if they do it may not be beyond a conversational level.



Our accommodation partner is the Oaks, and we prefer you book your stay with them. However, you can find information on other options here.


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