Useful Information

Weather and climate

Adelaide has warm winters, and cool, dry summers. The average high for November is 23 degrees C and average low is 14 degrees. Evenings can be quite chilly, as the temperature tends to drop quickly.


Passport and Visa

All international competitors should ensure they have a valid passport and visa for entry into Australia. For more information, check the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.



Australia uses the Australian dollar ($AUD). When paying cash, totals are rounded up or down to the nearest 5 cents. Credit cards (with paywave/paypass) are accepted at most locations. Most banks are open 9-5 weekdays, but ATMs are commonplace and available 24/7.


Telephone and Internet

Wifi is available in most hotels, and in some cafes, restaurants and public places. Local sim cards (and data-only sims) are available at most petrol stations and supermarkets.

Australia calling code +61



In Australia the socket type is Type I, and electricity is supplied at 230V. Adaptors may be needed for appliances from some countries. Click here for more information.