Registrations have closed… now what?

The LWC2018 registration system has now closed.  It is no longer possible for you to add any more competitors or amend the entries.  When you access your team registration on OrgaNet by clicking on “My Teams”, you will see just four icons remain to the right of the team name.

  1. The first icon, the printer, enables you to view, download and print the full details of the registration that you submitted. It is recommended that you keep a copy of this.
  2. The second icon, enables you to view a list of the charges of fees that have been applied
  3. The third icon, enables you to view a list of payments made on your account
  4. The fourth icon, the PayPal button, is still active and enables you to pay any outstanding fees. If you have any fees outstanding please make arrangements to pay these urgently, otherwise your team may not be permitted to enter any events.

However, it is accepted that there may be reasons why a competitor may need to be replaced, or withdrawn, perhaps because of injury or for other reasons. It is also accepted that you may wish to enter updated entry times for pool events, or change the composition of your relay teams, or change the events into which a competitor is entered.

With the entry system closed, any changes of this kind need to be sent to the ILS Event Director and copied to the Local Organising Committee

The title of the e-mail must be:  Request to amend entries for LWC 2018

In the text of the e-mail please enter the following:

  • Your name
  • The Championship into which your team is entered
  • OrgaNet ID number of the team
  • Name of the team

Details of the change to be made:

  • If a person is to be withdrawn, confirm the gender and name
  • If a person is to be replaced, confirm the gender and name of the person being replaced and give the
    • Surname,
    • First Name,
    • Date of Birth of the person who will be entered instead
  • If the person being withdrawn is entered into a relay event, confirm which competitor will take their place
  • Confirm in which individual events the person who is to be entered will race
  • Confirm their entry time if entering a pool event
  • Confirm their start position in any relay event
  • If the person who is to be entered will participate in Ocean events, give the size of the lycra vest to be ordered.

Changes will be accepted and actioned up to the 7th of November 2018.  After that, any subsequent changes required must be advised on arrival at the Accreditation Centre in Glenelg from 14th November onwards.