Referees and Officials

Referee and Deputy Referee Positions

The ILS Sport Commission is pleased to announce that the following person have been appointed to Chief and Deputy Chief Referee for Lifesaving World Championships Adelaide 2018:

Masters Ocean: Chief: Allen Pembroke & Deputies: Andrew Buhk & Peter Connell
National Teams Ocean: Chief: Arno Eberle and Deputies: Ross Merrett and Peter Connell
InterClub Ocean: Chief: John Brennan and Deputies Andrew Buhk, Ross Merrett and Heather Thompson
Surf Boat: Chief: Tony Haven
IRB Chief: Mal Flew and Deputies: Wim Nuyens and Ken Sellers
Masters Pool: Chief Don van Keimpema & Deputies: Clare McGrath and Wim de Kerk
National Teams SERC: Chief: Jo Teagle and Deputy: Albert Blokland
National Teams Pool: Jerry Polesel and Deputies: Stephanie Andrews & Jurgen Jürgen Bonnemann
InterClub SERC: Chief Jo Teagle and Deputy: Albert Blokland
InterClub Pool: Chief Elaine Lewis and Deputies: Anni Gardiner and Jurgen Jürgen Bonnemann

Technical Officials

Applications for Officials closed on 31 August 2017. The International Lifesaving Federation will be considering applications and sending them to member federations for endorsement. Successful applicants should hear by mid-December.

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